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Quick start guide parum admin

  • por favorgo through the “Instalaration e Update” guide carefully if you haven’t Instalared the application yet.
  • Login as site administrator to organize your system.
  • At first update your System Settings e Payment Settings from Settings option of the left sidebar menu. Also make sure to provide um valid YouTube API key e um valid Vimeo API key on System Settings.
  • If you have updated the Settings successfully, you can go to categorias option from the same left side bar menu e create Categories.
  • You will need to Adicionar cities against country before creating um listing.
  • After creating category e city, now you will be able to create listings. Go to Adicionar New Listing sub-menu from the Listings menu from the left side bar e fill the necessário fields e hit the Submit button.

Quick start guide parum customers

  • First you will need to get registered before creating um listing.
  • If you’ve done it right, login with your registered email e password.
  • For creating um listing you will need to have um valid package.
  • If you are successful registered user e you have um valid package, the you are ready to create listings.
  • Go to Adicionar New Listing sub-menu from the Listings menu from the left side bar e fill the necessário fields e hit the Submit button.

About Atlas

Want to make um professional negocios directory site? Atlas gives you the melhor platform to build one in minutes. It é highly customizable e the easiest script in the market to set up e organize your negocios directory portal. All modern functionalities of directory listing are integrado into Atlas which makes it industry standard e gives um robust solution to grow up your business.

Directory Portal Características

  • Dynamic home page with search bar e top listings
  • Category wise directory browsing
  • Dedicated category & sub-category page with summary
  • Advanced directory filtering page
  • Filter listings with category, amenities, pricing, cities, video
  • Locate listings in map as marker with informative popover
  • Map interaction with listing search result parum ease of access
  • Directory’s wide banner image
  • All categorias in listing page
  • ilimitado photo gallery image parum any directory
  • Amenities listing of um directory
  • Weekly opening & closing hours schedule
  • Currently closed or opening status
  • Video embed option from youtube, vimeo, html5
  • Social medium sharing option parum listing
  • Customer reviews e rating form
  • Review summary view sorted by star rating
  • Report inappropriate listing to admin to review
  • formulario de contato parum negocios customers
  • Listing can be Adicionado to wishlist from thumbnail e detail page
  • Price table parum purchasing directory posting package
  • Company details e legal pages: about, t&c, privacy policy, faq
  • Dynamic footer
  • 404 error page configuration

negocios specific Características

  • Customized directory layout parum restaurant, hotel, shop
  • Food menu showing custom layout parum restaurant directories
  • Table booking custom formulario de contato parum restaurant directories
  • Room detail custom layout parum hotel directories
  • Room booking custom form parum hotel directories
  • Product showing custom layout parum shopping directories

Admin Características

  • facil Instalaration process
  • Setup guide provided with product Documentação
  • Most flexible listing creation form
  • Make listing pending/active with just one click
  • Review inappropriate reported listings
  • Listing category & subcategory manager
  • Listing amenities manager
  • Listing cities manager
  • Listing rating manager
  • Pricing package manager
  • Watch customer’s comprum report História
  • User database monitoring
  • Website settings manager
  • Portal’s terms, privacy policy, faq manager
  • Payment e currency setup parum paypal, stripe
  • Multi language translation manager
  • Smtp settings setup
  • System status monitoring dedicated page

Customer feature

  • Dedicated user panel to manage account
  • comprum package e create listing
  • Watch package comprum report
  • Print or download invoice of purchase
  • Create & publish listing following purchased package limit
  • Create hotel type directory with room details
  • Get room booking orders by making hotel directories
  • Create restaurant directories with food menu details
  • Get table booking orders by making restaurant directories
  • Create shopping directory with product details
  • Adicionar favourite directories to wishlist & browse later
  • Give rating e reviews to preferred directories

Update História

Versão 1.4 – 17 september, 2019
- backend admin panel layout updated;

Versão 1.3 – 10 september, 2019

- user interface updated

Versão 1.2 – 2nd september, 2019

- claim listing feature introduced. negocios owners can claim e admin approval will give um verified badge to their listings.
- new listing type : beauty. parum Salon, Spa, Nails, Hair stylist, Eyelash, Massage, Make Up etc.
- new appointment booking form parum beauty type negocios listing.
- booking e appointment manager from listing owner backend panel.
- new filter Adicionado in listing search page: opening status. Find the currently opened listings instantly.
- google analytics settings parum each e every listings. owners can find better page view results.
- admin can now delete any review or comment.
- bulk delete option of listings parum better management.
- listing search enhanced with Descrição search.

Versão 1.1 – 3 July, 2019

- featured listing introduced. featured listings stay top of the listing search result
- wide map view page introduced.
- listing url completely redesigned. Now new structure : , e.g.
- offline payment introduced. admin can take payment by bank transaction or any Outras way parum selling packages
- listing contact details Adicionado. web address, email, phone, social medium linkup Adicionado
- price package currency updated
- free package introduced
- number of listing permission in price package
- review posting now require users to signup e login
- reviews can be modified or deleted by user himself
- reviews can be removed by site admin
- html5 text areum updated parum applicable edit fields
- map listing preview image layout enhanced
- switching between map view e grid view in listings page
- signup link enhanced in login page parum better experience

Versão 1.0 – 20 May, 2019

- Initial release


  • Apache web servidor parum running php
  • PHP Versão 7
  • Mysql database access, comprum code during Instalaration
  • Php curl should be enabled
  • One comprum code é legal parum using one domain only

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