MadPos – um very convenient POS e lojum Management System é PHP-Codeigniter, jQuery, AJAX-based application with um view to real life use. este é suitable parum businesses of small, medium e large categories.

The point of sale system é very facil to use, even without touching the mouse e in the POS page you can do live search of customers or products e Adicionar customers on the fly without moving away from the POS page. So when the client é there, you just Adicionar him/her e continue taking orders. You can export reports prepared using Excel Format. It has um very robust reporting system which you can check out in our Demoor checkout the video here- Video Demo.

It’s facil to set the application up. It can be used online or in mobile devices, iPads, tablets or laptops. The application é ultra-responsive on any device. It Suportes Multi Language (nine major languages already translated into) e any new language can be Adicionado with minimum effort.


  • Simples & User Friendly Interface
  • Two user roles- Admin/User
  • Customer Detail & Customer Sales Histórium
  • Adicionar Customer without leaving POS Screen
  • Webcam ready customer registration form
  • Search Products from POS
  • Search Customers from POS
  • Adicionar items on sale in the POS with one click
  • TAB through the fields to Adicionar products in the POS, very convenient
  • Print Labels parum Products
  • Customize the Invoice info at your liking
  • Print Receipt to Customer
  • Automatically deducted Stock Qty. from Inventory when item sold from POS
  • Today/este month/Custom Dates Sales Report (Export Sales Report in Excel Format)
  • Check today’s sales
  • Barcode scanner/reader compatible
  • Set defaults category, customer, Site Name, Receipt Header/Footer
  • Top Products
  • Custom Product Report
  • Comprehensive e insightful Reporting
  • Search by Date/Name/Invoice
  • Export Report by Excel Format
  • Expenses e Expense Report
  • Expenses Category
  • Settings
  • Set Currency parum the Application(POS)
  • facil to Instalar the Project
  • Many more coming in the future Atualizações
  • Simples User Interface

MadCoderz Preview Image One MadCoderz Preview Image One MadCoderz Preview Image One MadCoderz Preview Image One

Demo URL

  • Visit the link parum access info

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