Allow your customers to combine/bundle several individual goods or services step by step e create um drawer / grouped product parum purchase. Users on the front-end can select um product from categorias e create um bundle/drawer of their own choice.

Let’s take an example of clothing. In order to build um complete dress, your customers can choose items from different categorias step by step. In the first step, they can select shoes from ‘Shoe Category’, in the second step they can select um shirt from ‘Shirts category’, e so on.

Admin can Adicionar e configure each step from the backend e assign um category to it. On the frontend, each step appears as um box/container. Six steps mean six boxes will be shown on frontend, e likewise.

By clicking on any box, products from assigned category will be shown e customer will be able to select the desired item. In case of more products, AJAX pagination é used to improve user experience.

Once all the boxes are filled, customer may checkout with the tailored selection.

Key Características

  • Allows customers to make better decisions by the micro selection of products e create um perfect package
  • Admin can enable step by step product selection. Each step appears as um box on frontend.
  • Admin can assign um category to each step so that customers can select different items in different steps
  • On the frontend, you can display short Descrição along with box e select the alignment
  • Configure labels parum Adicionar to cart button, Box price field e Adicionar to Box button
  • Select box color scheme
  • Select Box price such as
  1. Regular price
  2. Products addons price only
  3. Regular price + Addons price
  • Select layout parum frontend such as 3 columns, 4 columns etc.
  • Select layout parum products on frontend. este can be like 3 columns, 4 columns etc.
  • Enable/disable product price
  • Create number of steps as necessário e configure necessary information such as,
    1. Name of Step
    2. Labels parum layout
    3. Descrição parum product layout
    4. Assign categorias or individual products to each step / box
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